5 Blogs Every Freelance Writer / Blogger Should Read 2022

Here are five of the top blogs that you should be reading if you’re a freelance writer, blogger or simply enjoy writing.
Whether you’re a new freelancer, a professional writer with a few years of experience, or a writing enthusiast, it’s critical to stay up with your abilities. What better way to achieve that than to read?

Here, we’ll go over the top five blogs that offer best-in-class advice on how to enhance your writing craft, make money with it, and scale your business to six figures.

1. Smart Blogger

Smart blogger freelance writing hub page

Smart Blogger is one of the most popular blogs, with over 300,000 subscribers and four million followers. It has a large number of articles that you can read one after the other. The site covers everything from the fundamentals of freelancing and writing to how to get compensated for your services.

It also teaches blogging in addition to freelancing. The majority of the articles in this part outline common blogging pain points and offer suggestions for how to address them.

It might be anything; for example, it could urge that bloggers update their older content for SEO purposes. It also contains some helpful hints to keep in mind.

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Smart Blogger also has over 35,000 students and offers a Content Marketing Certification course for beginner freelancers. If that’s something you’re interested in, you can contact the website for further information.

2. Copyblogger

the homepage of copyblogger

Copyblogger is the second blog on the list. The company grew their blog into an eight-figure business solely through content marketing, with no paid ads or outbound salespeople. That’s what it teaches, coupled with freelance writing and writing as an art form.

However, if you have questions about freelancing for beginners, this is not the blog to visit. It addresses themes relevant to freelance writers with prior expertise in the field who are eager to advance their careers.

If you’ve been doing freelance writing for even a year and want to expand your skill set, this site can help you with topics like content marketing, SEO, copywriting, and more.

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It also provides freelance writers with a content marketing course. You’ll need to sign up for the blog’s newsletter to gain access. When the company begins to take applications, you will be alerted.

If you are chosen to participate in this program and meet the requirements to get accredited, the company will allow you to display your portfolio on the Copyblogger writer directory.

3. Elna Cain

Elna Cain blog's home page

Elna Cain is a successful freelance writer and coach who teaches other authors how to earn a career via writing.

Her blog contains hundreds of posts, so whatever query you have regarding freelancing will almost certainly be answered here.

She also provides a variety of freelancing classes in which she teaches you all you need to know about starting your own freelance business. One of the courses, WriteTo1K, includes membership in her Facebook group.

You can obtain straight answers to your questions from Elna or other members of the group here. Aside from that, she maintains posting in the group about fresh career prospects to assist her students.

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4. The Write Life

The write life home page displaying articles and navigation elements

This blog covers a wide range of topics, including writing, freelancing, self-publishing, marketing, and blogging. As a writer, you can benefit from all of these topics, but you should concentrate on the ones that are most relevant to you right now, such as freelancing.

It’s one of the most authoritative sites, and the majority of the articles are authored by professional writers, editors, bloggers, six-figure-earning freelancers, respected company staff writers, and book authors. These are the individuals who have already accomplished what they are discussing.

As a result, you’re getting practical advise from professionals, which has a better chance of yielding positive results if you act on it.

Aside from that, the site has a Facebook page that you may like to join a fantastic community of authors and editors. Simply submit a question in the group if you have one, or if you’re having a difficulty that you believe other writers might be able to help you with. You might get some fantastic responses.

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