How to Update the Latest Android Version: Do it Now if You Have not Done so

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If you have not updated your android device to the latest version here is How to Update the Latest Android Version.

follow the steps below if you have not done so.

Tap Settings, then About on your phone’s menu. On some devices, you must go through System first. Then hit the software version to see what Android version you’re on. Continue to the next step if you’re not using Android 11 or later.

Return to the Settings menu. Check if an update is available by tapping About Phone. Then press the Install button after tapping the update button. Make sure you’re connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or a mobile device.
Go to any messenger app to see if the update was successful. On the Android version, check for the Ninja or Black emoticons while typing; both are new emojis that came with the upgrade.

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