How to Flash Person With Your Phone even Though you don’t have any Airtime Credit


Did you know that you can now flash person with your phone even though your account balance is showing zero? Actually its possible and its working perfectly, it works on all network in Nigeria but it work best in Airtel.


You might be thinking that this information is not useful but to be Frank it is very useful no matter how rich you are you must run out of airtime one day. What if there is an emergency call and you could not get airtime that moment, what if your car breaks down in a lonely place and there is no airtime in your phone, what will you do? That is stressful.

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But we thank God for making this possible, you can flash anybody with your phone with no credit.

Simply dial **the person number*** and call, it will flash the person and he or she will call you back.

Example **07065435556** then call, that is all. Pls try and see it work on all network but airtel is the best, if you have any problem drop your comment or find other ways to contact me.


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