See The Reason Why You Did Not Receive Your AdSense Pin: See How To Fix The Problem


Hello everyone!
I want to show you today the main reason you did not receive your AdSense pin.

Many people are finding it difficult to verify their AdSense address even though they enter the correct address, they still did not receive their pin. It’s not your fault but there is something you did not do right.


Although AdSense are sending the pin but they could not reach you due to a minor reason
The reason is that there is no Phone Number in Your AdSense Payment profile.


Though AdSense might told you that it’s not necessary to enter your phone number but phone number is very important.
From my interactions with some people working at post office, they told me that they been receiving many pin like that but they could not trace the location because there is no phone number or email.
AdSense does not print your email on the letter, it’s only your address and phone number and there is no way they can trace you with your address alone so they have to return the letter back.

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For you to receive your pin, make sure that your phone number is there before send the pin if not you will find it difficult to receive it and some post office will send to you via SMS immediately it get to them.

If you know some one finding it difficult to verify his or her pin pls forward this to them.

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