How To Make Money From Home With Your Phone or Computer: 12 Ways


Are you a house wife, student, self employed of employed.? am sharing here 12 powerful ways on how to make money from home with your phone or computer.

1. Online Surveys

There are a lot of companies that will pay you for your opinion. It’s quick, easy, and you can earn a little bit of money for doing it.

These options aren’t going to make you rich, but they can give you a little spending money every month for simple activities that you can do in your spare time

2. Start A Blog

If you really want to make money at home, you need to start a blog or website.

This is your home-base for everything that you do online, and it, by itself, can turn into a hugely profitable venture. has turned into a 6 figure business that started in college.

Simply get a domain and web hosting for cheap (usually $2.95 per month) at Bluehost. We started this blog on Bluehost because it was cheap, easy, and simple to get started.

3. Become A Website Tester

This is a fun one! Did you know that companies will hire you to test websites and provide feedback.

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This can be testing everything from signing up, how the interface works, to just your simple opinion about usability and looks.

Sites like allow companies to post testing jobs, and anyone can sign up to participate in the test. You’re paid for the testing that you do. You get paid $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete.

4. Become A Product Tester

There are companies out there that will send you products to test and get your feedback on. For companies, this is a great way to get a read on consumer sentiment.

For you, this can be a great way to get paid for working at home.

Most of the items that are available for testing are beauty products and household items, so this may be more conducive to women than men.

5. Create Video Reviews

You don’t need to use a service to create reviews on a product. You can also create your own reviews and upload them to your own website or YouTube channel.

In fact, some of the largest YouTube channels out there currently are based all around product reviews (usually toys or tech, but there are some very large beauty channels as well).

If you have great personality and want to create your own brand, this is a great way to do it.

6. Freelance Writing

If you’re a writer, freelance writing is a fantastic way to make money at home.

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Once you’ve established yourself as a great writer, it’s not uncommon to see freelance writers earning more than $100,000 per year – all by working from home.

I personally did a lot of freelance writing when I was starting to side hustle, and was routinely earning over $1,000 per month on the side.


7. Graphic Design

Are you a designer? Can you create graphics, logos, or even website designs? Did you go to school for this?

Then maybe online graphic design is your forte.

Lot’s of companies are looking for graphic designers to help them with their brand.

From designing websites, to simple logos and PDF files, there are limitless opportunities for graphic designers online.

8. Online Proofreading

Are you detail oriented? Do you love writing and grammar? Then proofreading might be for you! There are lots of blogs and publications that are looking for proofreaders to help them improve their content.

You can make a decent income working from home by proofreading – in your own spare time.


9. Design And Sell T-Shirts

Maybe you’re a designer, but also have an entrepreneurial spirit? Maybe you have a thing for logos or phrases that resonate with people? If so, then designing and selling T-Shirts could be a great way to make money from home.

There are multiple places that you can design and sell T-Shirts, fully online – where you don’t even have to hold inventory or handle the shipping.

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10. Online Data Entry

If you can type fast and input data accurately, there are companies that are looking for data entry professionals to work remotely from home.

There are various forms of data entry, depending on what type of company you work for. You could be compiling data into spreadsheets, processing or entering invoices, combining multiple documents into a single document, and more.


11. Online Tutoring

I should say tutoring in general, but online tutoring is all the rage right now. If you are skilled in a specific area, you can get paid to tutor children and adults from your home.

It used to be that you would have to host these individuals at your home, but now, there are various platforms and services that allow you to teach online.


12. Create An App

Are you a programmer? Do you have a great idea for creating a product, service, or even a game that others would like to play? If so, you can create an app and sell it on one of the different app store platforms.

The cool thing about creating an app is that you can do it on your terms, on your time, while you’re at home. This can be a high reward venture, if you create a popular app for your niche.

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