Tired Of Staying At Home? See How You Can Gain Admission To Any Institution Of Your Choice Without Stress


I want to show you how you can gain admission to any institution in Nigeria without stress.

This is for those that are desperate to enter higher institution, if you really want to enter school now. and have all the Admission Requirements follow this article.

Nigeria Is a country whereby thousands of people are looking for admission every year and is only few that are given admission either by luck or connection, even those that scored very high in their exams are still denied of admission while some that scored low in their exams are given admission because of connection and luck.

You can still get admission anytime you want without any connection.

  1. if you really want to go to school to quire certificate; Don’t choose the top institutions in Nigeria as your first choice. Eg ABU Zaria, Awolowo University etc. this kind institutions needs connection to be certain of admission there. Choose an institution that is not too popular you will have a high chance of getting admission.Some institutions uses statistical sampling to admit students into their school, eg random sampling, quota sampling. Eg they can decides to say 30,000 indigenous candidates should be given admission and each other states in Nigeria 2000 peoples should be given admission.If the peoples that apply from any states are not up to that 2000 all of them has a very good chance for admission. meanwhile if they are more than 2000 they use sampling either Quota or Random Sampling.

    For sure more than 30,000 indigenous will sure apply for an admission; so they sampling them into the school.

    In this case, you now know the reason why your friend from another state who scored lower that you in exams was given admission while you that scored higher was denied.

    None indigenous has a very good opportunity of gaining admission than autochthonal.

  2. If you Really want to enter school don’t choose a course that is too popular like Business Admin, Public Admin, Accountancy, OTM etc.can I shock you? If you are desperate to enter school apply for statistics course!Am sure some peoples will say Jesus Christ! This is the course peoples fears most and its very simple. If you go to any statistics department you will not see much students there, even those that are there will tell you that they did not even scored up to the cult-off marks but they still gives them admission. Some were even false to study it.

    I assured you if you apply for Maths/ Statistics you will be the first person to gain admission into the school that year.

    Why Do I Encourage you to Study Statistics? Statistics is not as hard as you thing, in you mind all you will be doing is solving maths. No! You do English, Economics, Citizenship Education, Entrepreneurship, Library, descriptive Statistics, Bio-statistics, research etc. there are many cheap courses in Statistics.

    In Nigerian institutions even though you apply for Public Admin; you will still come across maths, you can never escape maths. Even in public admin department you will be seeing statistics courses. The same with statistics. The only different is the Name if not you will still come across all those subjects you are running from.

    Statistics deals with calculation and Computing these are the main focus in Statistics; mean, median, Mode, Variance, Standard deviation that is all.

    Let Me tell you If people that can not write their names properly, People that can not read, people you will ask 2×4 and they don’t know the answer can study statistics and graduate, what about you that can read and have little knowledge of mathematics.?

    I never had a good background of mathematics but I went to study statistics not out of passion but no other alternative and I don’t want to remain at home, I still graduate as one of the successful students.

    But the truth is that; don’t study any course you don’t have passion for if not you will suffer.

    If you don’t have passion for statistics, don’t study it, any course at all you don’t have passion for, don’t study if not that would be the beginning of your failure; you will suffer.

    You must developed passion for any course for you to become successful.

    If you can try statistics you will gain admission but if you don’t have passion for it, try the one you have passion for but if you are desperate to go school, develop passion for statistics and apply, you will gain admission.

    Please feel free to drop your comment below; it’s helpful, I promise to answer all your questions thanks for reading.

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