Warning: Don’t Buy Adsense Account Again or You Loose


Do Not Buy An Adsense Account Again

Google AdSense which is the best ppc site have changed their policy which will unable people to buy AdSense account.

Due to the difficulty in getting AdSense approval, many people decided to buy an approved account and it was working for them.

According to AdSense policy then, if you have one (1) approved AdSense account you can add up to 500 websites without any approval process. Even though the site is just a day old as fact that you have an approved AdSense account you can place ads on the site and it work 100%.

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But unfortunately AdSense have change their policy; the new policy state that even though you have an approved account, to add another site to the account, the site must pass through a verification process. Adsense will verify the site to confirm the ownership of the domain name and to make sure it comply with AdSense policy.

It takes few hours to verify your site and in some cases it takes longer. that means there is no different between registering a new adsense account and buying a new account. adsense have to go though a normal verification process  and if the site did not comply with the policy it will be rejected.

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That mean there is no different in adding a site to an existing AdSense account and registering a new account any longer. AdSense have changed my site tab to sites, that mean to add more sites to your existing AdSense account you have to add it through sites tab and the site goes for verification.

Whether you have an existing AdSense account or you register a new one, to add another site take the same steps; there is no different, try and see. Also read: Getting AdSense Approval 2019 is Very Easy Follow this Steps to get your Approval Now.

So buying of AdSense account is no longer relevant but luckily the new policy is easier to get  approval than before.
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