Two Reliable Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria


Web Hosting In Nigeria

Are you looking for a website you can Host your Website and buy domain Name? meanwhile there are many Web Hosting in Nigeria but am going to list two reliable here.

The first site you can host your website or buy a domain name is is one of the leading cheap and fastest web hosting company in Nigeria. You can buy your hosting package and domain name at affordable price.

Cost for Hosting a Website in Nigeria

With 2500 Naira you can host your website with free domain name.

While you can buy a .com domain name for just 3500 Naira.

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That mean with 6000 Naira you can build a complete website with .com domain name or with 2500 Naira you can build a website with domain name. You can also host a website for free on this site. Contact their support team for more updates.

Note: you can use your Normal Naira ATM card to pay for the purchase.

The Second Cheapest and reliable hosting company in Nigeria is

Domainking is one of the leading web hosting company in Nigeria.

There different packages available on the site to meet your demand. The Soldier this package is the cheapest in this site 300 Naira per month. but the advantage of this is that you can host two websites here at the same time. The package also comes with a, etc. domain names.

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.com domain name on this site is cost 3800 Naira annually while is the cheapest sub-domain name which is 900 naira only.

Visit for more.

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If you have any problem contact their support team or contact me, i will help you.

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