Dual Whatsapp: How To Use More than One WhatsApp Account On A Phone with Different Numbers: Simple


Did you know that you can use more than two WhatsApp account on your mobile phone? Dual WhatsApp is very easy.
You can use different WhatsApp account on a single mobile phone with different numbers.

Step one: download the official WhatsApp app if you don’t have yet, then register one of your mobile number as usual, if you already have an active WhatsApp account no need for this just keep it active.

Step 2: Download WhatsApp Business app; You can download from play store or any other app stores on the internet, then register your second mobile number the same way you did with your official account. After you have registered, the number will be activated and you will be using two accounts with different numbers.

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Now that you are using two accounts, if you want to use another account, maybe you have 3 phone numbers and you want all to be active on WhatsApp. Go to play store or any other app stores, download Gb WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp has so many features, eg you can receive the notification of your friends online, you can share to unlimited groups at once while with the official account you can only send to 5 groups and individual at once.

GB WhatsApp is good but WhatsApp have rejected it, using GB WhatsApp has some limitations, WhatsApp can temporarily block your account several times if you over use the app.

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To get GB WhatsApp, you can download from play store or any other app stores.
Hope you know how to use more than one WhatsApp account on a phone now. If you have any problem let me know to assist you. Also Read: How Do Facebook Accounts Get Hacked; See The Simple Tricks Hackers Use And How To Protect Your Account.


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