This isAnother Method to Get an Adsense Approval Without Stress


Getting AdSense approval 2019 is not as hard as you think.

The reasons AdSense disapproves account is because of some little mistakes.

Like I told you in one of my post how I got an AdSense approval under 3weeks, after I apply with a day old domain name, It took them about 3weeks to respond to me, and the result was positive.

Getting adsesne approval is not as hard as you thing, you need to follow some procedure, its not all about writing long articles, you can still have 100 articles with 1,000 words each and still get disappointed.

I apply for AdSense with about 7 posts, of about 200 words and I still get approval.

Follow this step to do the same now:

1. Buy a custom domain name, eg .com .org .net. Use top level domain name to make AdSense serious about your application. Actually I used .ga and .tk to get my first AdSense approval but am not advising you to use it in this manner. Also Read: Warning: Don’t Buy Adsense Account Again or You Loose

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2. Don’t write common articles; write contents you know is very hard to see on the Internet, there are something’s only you know and other do not, write them, don’t write on an existing articles again unless you have something new to contribute.

3. Never copy pictures from Google, there many places you can copy pictures from on the internet for commercial use, copying pictures from Google is against their law.

4. Make sure your design is simple, you can use any 2columns theme. Make sure is very simply and not too loaded with irrelevant plugins.
You can contact me for assistance if you are having a design issue.

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5. It’s very important you have an About, Contact and privacy policy page on your site.then you can apply for AdSense, if they disapprove again delete all the contents you copy and apply again.

if you can follow thisĀ  steps your adsense account will be approvedĀ  and you can can start making money online from your blog or website.


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