Getting AdSense Approval Has Become Very Easy See How


Am going to share with you here how I got my AdSense approval with a 3weeks old domain name and about 12 contents.

With the new AdSense policy, it is very easy to get AdSense approval even though your domain name is just a day old. I apply for AdSense the same day I host and purchased my domain name after adding about 7 contents. And during the review process I stated adding more contents after 2weeks my account was completely approved and ready to show ads.


If you really want to get AdSense approval like mine, follow the steps am going to list here:


1. Buy a custom domain name and it should be a top level domain name; example of a top level domain names are .com .org .net etc. But .com is best for blogging.
Custom domain name will make your website to be relevant in the sight of Adsense and it will make AdSense to be serious in the approving process.
You can use your domain name on blogger and WordPress, these are the two most popular blogging platforms.

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2. Add About, Contact and Privacy Policy Page. Adsense don’t joke with this three pages. for them to approve your account easily you must have those pages. About: describe your site, Contact; contain your contact details, a means people can reach you and privacy policy page is the page you will describe how you deal with users information on your site, what you do with them and how they are been taken. There are many websites online that offers free privacy policy contents you can browser for them as well if you don’t know how to write.


3. Add Original Contents; don’t copy contents, add at least 10 -12 contents before you apply. Contents is the area that AdSense takes serious 90% of accounts disapprove by AdSense is because of the contents. Make sure you follow their contents guidelines, even though there are some contents you need to copy, don’t copy everything change some words in it.

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Some people though they did not copy contents, their site still got disapproved why?
The reason is copyright images; don’t copy pictures from Google, copying pictures from Google is against their law there are many websites you can download free images for commercial use eg you can copy free images from these site without any law violation.


Finally get a nice and simply design, get a responsive design that will be easy for your visitors to navigate through your site.
Then visit to register for an account, fill all the necessary details and paste the code given to you on your site.
If you can follow all this steps you will get AdSense approval.
if you have any problem feel free to comment.

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