How much does youtube pay you

How much does youtube pay: See 4 Ways to Make Money On Youtube


Making money online is real, though there are many fake online businesses but earning money on youtube is 100 % legit.  Did you know how those peoples shooting comedy videos are making money? It is youtube that is paying them. How much does youtube pay you for 1 million views? Am going to show you 4 steps on how to make money on youtube, even without spending any money.


Step 1: Create a gmail account if you don’t have any and create a youtube channel, add some features to your channel, Add about and contact pages to your channel.

Step 2: Upload some videos; you need to upload some of your videos on the channel which you just created, make sure that the videos are interesting and have high quality resolution.

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Step 3: promote the videos you uploaded on social media and forums to get at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours; this is the new policy required for you to make money on youtube.

Step 4: Apply for google adsense; After google adsense have sent you an approval message, you can start monetizing your old videos and set it automatic to monetize new videos.

Then, you are ready to make money from your youtube channel, google will therefore start showing adverts on all your videos, as viewers are watching, they are seeing ads and if any one click on the adverts they pay you.

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To make good money from youtube, create time to make quality videos that will make your viewers happy, the more they view the more you make money.

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