How To Share Posts To Social Media And Forums Properly To Get Peoples Attention And Traffic To Blog


Social media and forums are also the best place anyone can promote his or her business. how to promote your blog for free: You can also use social media to get traffic to your blog.

If you really want to get people to read your post or click on your link, your tittle must be captivating, choose an interesting topic that will get peoples attention. For example: if you post something check if you see something titled like that would you love to read?

This is how to tittle post eg: “how to make money online” don’t just titled it like that instead; 5 legitimate online businesses you need to know about. This one is more captivating than the other. We have heard the words how to make money online several times so you need to bring something new.

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If you want to share your blog post on social media and forums don’t just drop your link and go back, people might not take it serious. If you want to share your website link, you need to add some write up like;
I just publish a post that will teach you how to make money from Google AdSense on my site click the link below to read. How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money With Your Phone Or Computer; See Pictures Guide

That is all! People will like to click and read. Also note: the audience matters a lot master your audience before sharing posts to them.
Here are some major social media you need to consider. Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, reddit, nairaland and others you may know. Also Read: Five Outstanding Tips You Must Know To Grow Your Blog And Become Successful Blogger

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