How to remove ads limit from your google Adsense Account Under 7 Days

How to Remove Ads Limit From your Google Adsense Account Under 7 Days.


Ads Limit is one of the challenge many bloggers face today. Google adsense place ads limit for 2 reasons: 1. Is Invalid Traffic and the second one is account being assessed. Am going to show you how to remove ads limit from your Google adsense account in 3-7 days.


If AdsenseAdsense place ads limit on your account because your account is being assessed mean they want to monitor your traffic quality. This usually happens to new adsense publishers.

If Adsense place ads limit for invalid traffic mean. You have unwanted traffic on your site or there is abnormal activity on your account.

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Today am going to show you how to quickly remove ads limit from your adsense account.
1. Make sure there is txt file on your site. Check your adsense dashboard if there is any instruction to place txt file on your account, if there is none, move forward.

2. Remove All the Ads code from your site. Go to your website, blog, remove all the adsense ads code on the account.
3. Go to your adsense dashboard, go to ads and turn off auto ads
4. Go to your adsense dashboard. Turn the performance setting to “Today so far”

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5 use this form to send an apeal to adsense that you have corrected your site that there is no more invalid traffic. Even though you don’t know how to send an apeal with the form, if you follow the step 1-4 properly. Ads limit will still be removed from your account. But for quick review. Use the form and under 7days the ads limit will no longer be on your account.


I have used this method to resolved many ads limit issues. Pls tell your friends that are having similar issues. Also Check: How to Prevent Google Adsense From Placing ads Limit on your Account Again

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