How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online


How to start Affiliate Marketing

Today am going to show you “How to start Affiliate Marketing” and make money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This Program allows you to promote other people’s products online. There are many affiliate marketing websites eg. Amazon – worldwide. Jumia, konga etc -Nigeria and other African countries. You can search for more online through search engines.

How To Setup The Program

Visit the affiliate programs websites eg Locate the affiliate program page or search on Google to get the direct link.

Sign up for the program fill all the necessary form there, then submit the application. Some will review it for days while some will not. If you account is approved visit the website, select any of their products you like, then you will be given a code, it can be text ad or banner. Text ad only displays the ad in text and it’s easy to see in any low standard browser.

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While banner displays both the text and image. This is best in a website. Copy the code paste it in any side of your blog you want it to appear. You can share the link on Facebook, twitter and any social media of forum. If anyone click on the link and order for any of their products through the link, you will be paid a commission from it. They pays into you local bank account.


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