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Google Job Opportunities for Nigerians and Other Countries: See Details and How To Apply


Greetings every one!

I have a job opportunity for everybody especially the Youths in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.



Some of us are busy make money without depending of any government but to my surprise some youths are busy waiting for job opportunities from government.


I just want to tell you today that you can earn at least 40k in a month on your own. I mean as a biginer you are not expected to earn anything less than 40k in a month.
Many youths are busy making money through blogging and YouTube channels while some are still waiting for someone to employ them and be paying them 20k every month.

I want every youths from age 13 to Join this business, it doesn’t cost any thing, all you need is a laptop or mobile phone.
Let me explain how blogging work:
Blogging is a type of website you visit to get information to solve your problem. Even this site that you are reading this article from is a blog.

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Example of blog: etc.
All this blogs are categorized into many niche eg: news, sports, business, entertainment etc.


Think of anything you can teach, anything you can post that people would like to read and start a blogging business eg. You can report news and make money.
This is how to start blogging business
Think of Your Niche
Get a blog if you don’t know how to design a blog look for a web designer to design one for you, if you can’t find one contact me I will design a professional one for you.


When your blog site is ready start posting what people would love to read so that they can start visiting your site, post at least 30 original posts.

Then you visit to apply for Google AdSense account.
Google AdSense is one of the product of Google company that pays bloggers and YouTuber to display their adverts on their site.

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When you apply for Google AdSense and your application is approved, Google will start displaying adverts on your and if anybody visit your site and click on the adverts they pay you. The more people visit your site the more they pay you.

So when you have your blog, start sharing your posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp so that more people can visit your site, the more people visit the more you earn.

Second is YouTube channel, Google also pay people that upload videos on YouTube. Have you come to wonder how those young comedians on the internet are making their money? It’s through YouTube channel that they are making their money.
You too can start this and make money, go to Lagos Nigeria this is one of the business young guys are doing and they are buying cars and houses.

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Stop waiting for some one to employ you before you can earn money for your self create one for yourself now.
As my student, you are not expected to earn nothing less than #40,000 in a month from AdSense and you are not expected to remain at 40k for 4months, you have to grow.
Try to start a blogging business or YouTube business now.


If you cannot create a job, contact me I will create for you and I will follow you up. Like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and follow this blog for more updates on how make money especially online.
Share this posts to your friends that need to start doing something.
We will attend to all Your comments.

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