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How to make money on Piggyvest

How To Make Huge Amount of Money From Piggyvest Online: #1000 Sign up Bonus


Here I will show you ways to make money online using this free platform called piggyVest. Before I start, what is Piggy Vest all about?

Piggyvest is a platform that helps individuals and businesses manage their finances effectively – you can save and invest with ease. As, they operated in partnership with 2 Microfinance banks and used their licenses. However, in early 2018, they acquired Gold Microfinance bank and its license. Piggyvest is also approved by CBN.

Things You Can Do on Piggyvest

1. Save and Invest Your Money: you can save and invest your money on Piggyvest, any money you save on Piggyvest, you will receive interest. So if you have money that you are not planning to use, you can save on Piggyvest and by the time that you are ready to withdraw, you will make alot of gain.

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2. Dollar Exchange: you can buy and sell dollars on the platform. If you have dollars in your foreign accounts, you can exchange it to Naira or other currencies on the platform. You can also change naira to dollars there.

3. Referral Program: This is the part that I love so much and would like to talk about. You can take advantage of the referral program to make huge amount of money without investing any money. All you need is to refer people using your referral link and they pay you #1000 immediately anyone sign up. Yes they pay 1,000 naira per referral. With this you can make alot of money. Imagine 100 persons now, 100*1000 =100,000 and if you refer 200 person’s you get 200k isn’t that cool. Getting referral should not be an issue, use your social media accounts to refer people, with whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram. You should get alot of referral more than your imagination. And anybody that signup gets 1000 naira as bonus instantly.

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This program is free to join. What are you waiting for? join now, tell some of your friends in your leisure time you will be surprised how much you will make.

Remember it’s free to join, make sure to verify your account, you can do more research about it, but this platform is genuine currently. Verify your account and they will also give you #1000 as a sign up bonus. You can use the 1,000 naira to do anything you want. To register click Here Now.

Piggyvest Customer care

Incase you have any issue, maybe you are unable to verify your account, you can contact their customer care with the phone number and email below and they will attend to you.

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Phone Number: 0700 933 933 933

Piggyvest App

Please download the App from play store to enjoy more portable services, you can operate both web and application. But try to download the app. Pls don’t forget to join the program, click here now to to register and claim your 1,000 naira bonus. You can withdraw your money anytime. Click Here to Join the Program Now

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