How To successfully Publish Your Books Online Free With Create Space


A lot of peoples are finding it difficult to publish their books online. but i a to show you how to publish your books online with create space free of charge.

Create Space is a publishing platform own by Amazon. Create space can distribute your book to many amazon channels eg amazon kindle for ebook, amazon Europe, amazon Canada and many other retail channels.

Create Space allows you to publish your book in many formats eg ebook, audio, videos you can sale your audio and video stuff on create space and make money.

Steps to publish your book on create space

below are the steps you need to follow to be able to publish your book on create space.
1. Format your manuscript very well; your manuscript need to be properly formatted. The first page should be only the title of your book, the second page should be the credit page, the third page should be the table of contents. Make sure its properly formatted.

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2. Convert the work to PDF; you need to convert your work to pdf. You can convert it on
3. Design your book Cover and also convert is to pdf.
4. Visit register with your email and verify your account.

5. Login into your account: click on add new title; on this page Enter your book information, title, your name, choose an ISBN number from create space. You can save the progress. Fill all the necessary forms.

6. Upload the interior file; upload the pdf file you just created.
Enter the book description, upload the cover, answer all the necessary questions.

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7. Choose the prize; set your prize there in many currency.
8. Select as many channels you want to destitute your book.
9. Your can publish your book. Your book will be review for at least 2days and you will receive an email from them after they finish reviewing your submission. If you have any problem you can contact me for more.

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