Scam Alert! Please Read the New Method they Are Using to Defraud People


There is a new method scammers are using to defraud people all over. Many have fall victims of it. I want to assure you today that no matter the organization or group they called themselves; its fake. Those groups does not exit.
This is how they operate; They will call a name or an organization asking you to donate that anything you donate, you will get double within an hour.

This is the example of the kind of message they send:


This is a unique,legitimate and genuine platform that gives you double of your investment i would like to introduce you to.Earn Wisely and share within the people around you. registered to provide help and get.
Is a platform where you can donate cash and get double of it within an hour after donating.

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No referral
No scam
The instant payment and instant merging is only available for
​Within 35mins merging packages:-​
10k to get 20k
15k to get 30k
20k to get 40k
25k to get 50k
30k to get 60k
40k to get 80k
50k to get 100k

☑️And also:-​
35k to get 70k
55k to get 110k
75k to get 150k
95k to get 190k
100k to get 300k
115k to get 230k
150k to get 300k
200k to get 400k
250k to get 500k
300k to get 600k
350k to get 700k
400k to get 800k
450k to get 900k
500 to get 1M. E.t.c
For participation chat up on whatsapp , for registration and pledging

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Infact u will surely introduce Dis to ur friends and families… Host of Heaven bears me witness…
I promise you will not regret ever participating.

…..A trial will convince you.
https://chat. whatsapp. com/J2KfWkA6N beAlKknrw8G9K

Please don’t mind them, they are fake, many peoples has falled victim of it. Though the business looks foolish but they are still victimizing many people, students especially and those that want to make quick money.

Please don’t invest your money in that business, they are 419; 100% sure.
How do you know they are 419

  1. No website, they don’t have a website, they use WhatsApp mostly
  2. No Evidence, they have no means of an identify they either use a pastor name or an organization name.
  3. They have no location, if they provide it means, its fake address they give you they only chat on WhatsApp and Facebook.
    Please share this with as many as possible, people you don’t expect are the one being victims of this you might think they knows but your sharing will help better…

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