Theobarth Grant Disbursement Update

Theobarth Grant Disbursement Update: Warning Signs

Theobarth Grant Disbursement Update: Mr. Nonga Prem expresses his dissatisfaction on facebook over the postponement of the disbursement of the fund.
He said: Truly theobart is becoming scam . I have supported them all this while but what Happened this morning friday 23, july 2021 shows they are truly wicked especially the so call pressure group, I wonder what they are pressuring.
Pressure group listen to me those people are just playing on your intelligence he said.
Infact I now believe what someone said that theobart was created to distract people’s attention from telpecon. Believe it or not this is how theobart will keep dribbling us like football tickets September when it will handover to telpecon then continue like that.
My dear beneficiaries please move on with your life too. They are not ready to pay this money if truly there is. we only heard that Cloud has been gathering since but we didn’t seen any sign of cloud in the sky.
If that recorded conversation has not come out this morning the pressure group wouldn’t have debunk the NGOs been credited saga. And they were even promoting it in their award winning telegram that they have credited the NGOs.
What a shame and pity am on my way out of all nna groups.before BP set in. Till the day I see alert on my phone to prove yourself.
A lot of people has started wondering if the theobart is genuine or not but we are still hoping to see the end.
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