theobarth grant update 2021

Theobarth Grant Update 2021: The Latest Disbursement Update You Should Know


What you Need to know about theobarth grant 2021 and the latest disbursement update you need to know check the latest theobarth Grant Update.


Theobarth Global Foundation is an internationally recognized non-governmental organization and a registered limited liability company in Nigeria, incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and other financial institutions that regulates all business conglomerates in Nigeria. Also Read: Theobarth Grant Disbursement Update: Warning Signs

Theobarth Global Foundation has a clear vision, objectives, core values, structures, creativity, policy statements and standards of international best practices.
Theobarth Global Foundation uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior, value, honesty, probity of account and accountability.

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According to a source, the disbursement which suppose to commence on 23, July. 2021 has been shifted to monday 26th july, 2021. this is to encourage the applicants who are already loosing hope.

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Theobarth Grant Update 2021

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A Very powerful massage for those who knows….

With what is on ground now, It is very clear to anyone who cares at this juncture to know that…Mr Kingsley is convinced that THEOBART Money is available for disbursement, meaning he must have had access to some documents that gave him such convinction, and thus it is pertinent to say… THEOBART IS A DONE DEAL.

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Pls go and listen to the latest VN of the National Leader AGPG…. Mr. Kingsley


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