Reasons Why Your Website is Not Getting Traffic And See How To Tackle It


Get traffic to your website free: Getting traffic on a website is no longer easy due to the numbers of websites on the internet, everything is about competition now.

Number one Reason you are Not Getting Traffic on Your Site is because you are not solving people’s problem. Have you come to wonder the way you share your web contents to social media and forums but yet no quality views. Maybe after sharing to about 100 groups of peoples all you will be getting in return is 60 views.

The reason is because you are not solving peoples problems, the reason why peoples are not clicking on your link from google and social media is because they think your post have no other addition to the one they know.

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Always try to know what people’s really want not what you want, and find out how to solve their problems. Any time you post and nobody views the post means it’s not important to them. The reason why you are not getting traffic is not because your post is not reaching them, its because it is not solving their problems.

Next time you want to post anything do the research properly before writing the content, then you will be surprise how your traffic will multiply in hundred times.

2. Use social media and forums to promote your posts. Anytime you post just share the title and the link on your social media platform eg. Facebook and Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn groups and forums like nairaland and reddit.
If you can work on this your site will start generating good Traffics from social media and forums.

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