Five Outstanding Tips You Must Know To Grow Your Blog And Become Successful Blogger


5 Things you need to know to become a successful blogger and get traffic to your website free.

Blogging is beyond what you might expect to be. Blogging is not all about AdSense approval or a beautiful design. Do you wonder why people are not visiting your site, do you wonder why your earning with AdSense is very poor? Is because you are not doing what you suppose to do. If you can follow what am going to list here properly you will succeed and get traffic to your website free.

1. Niche: mistake many people do in blogging especially the beginners is that they combine different niches together. Some one is blogging on news, sports, job,business, food. If you are doing that as a beginner you might get frustrated.

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Because other peoples are making lot of money from news blog doesn’t mean its your field even though its your field, don’t combine every thing on one blog. Actually I was doing that before, because I had a friend that was making about 30 dollars from his news blog a day. I decided to blog on news, sports, relationship, entertainment, politics, business, blogging and computer on one blog.

I was struggling with getting traffic and with the traffic I was getting, what I was getting from AdSense was very poor. 1000 peoples visits my site daily and all I got was 1dollar and sometimes not up to 1 dollar.

But when I realized that all those areas were not my field I changed my niche to tech; teaching on blogging and other internet and computer related topics. From that day my earnings turned. I started getting 1dollar per 200 visitors daily, 2dollars per 400 visitors. Imagine when I was blogging on all manners of subjects all I was getting from 1000 visitors was 1dollar compare it to 1 thousand visitors now.

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Combining different subjects as a beginner can frustrate any blogger, it can make you to loose subscribers, imagine someone read about business on your site and decided to subscriber because he loved what he read and he decided to visit and all he was seeing is sports that person could loose interest and unsubscribe from your site, that is how you will loose traffic.

2. Always visit this Site and to to learn more blogging tips, subscribe to this site.

3. Use 2column blog theme for your site.

4. Share Your Blog on Social Media and Forums Appropriately, don’t Spam any groups, share your posts on Facebook, twitter, link din, and other forums like nairaland.
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5. Try to know what your visitors want on your site, try to be able to solve problems.
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